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Video as Urban Condition: Video-pool submissions

We welcome submissions of original work* for inclusion in future presentations of the Video-pool Archive. Submissions are 'single channel' videos.** [see notes]

Submissions Guide

Mini-DV is the preferred format because normally it would be the best quality and the most reliable data source. DVD video is also acceptable but the video data on DVDs is aleady compressed with loss of quality and home-made DVDs are often unreliable. There's no point copying a DVD to Mini-DV if the DVD is the best available source. PAL is preferred, if possible. Tapes and discs must be clearly marked with your name and the title. Do not use sticky labels on discs.

When you send us your tape, you agree to the following:

  1. That the tape may be retained by the organisers of Video as Urban Condition for the Video-pool Archive.
  2. That a copy of the tape may be made and made available for public viewing in the context of the Video-pool Archive.
  3. To provide complete and correct information about the tape as detailed below.
  4. To allow images or excerpts from your tape to be used in publicising and promoting the project Video as Urban Condition.
  5. To accept complete responsibility for the use of any other people's words, images, or sounds in your work.

When we, the organisers of Video as Urban Condition, receive your tape, we agree to the following:

  1. To retain your tape for the Video-pool Archive. Tapes cannot be returned.
  2. To consider your tape for inclusion in future public presentations of the Video-pool Archive.
  3. If included in future public presentations of the Video-pool Archive, to publish correct information provided by you in the Video-pool catalogue.
  4. To contact you regarding other forms of public presentation of selections from the Video-pool Archive. You will be asked to say if you do NOT agree to our proposal.

Please send us the following information in the form given below. Copy the list and insert your answers. Send the information to us by email and enclose a signed hard copy with your tape.

Artist Group (if applicable): name:
Artist 1: first name:
Artist 1: last name:
Artist 2 (if applicable): first name:
Artist 2 (if applicable): last name:
[add other artists for collaborations of more than two]
E-mail contact (will not be published):
Relevant website (if available):
Telephone (will not be published):

Title of work:
Duration (in minutes, e.g. 38:20 is thirty-eight minutes and twenty seconds):
Date of work (year only, e.g. 2001):
Country (where the work was produced):
Language: (the language of the text and/or subtitles):
Original format (what you used to shoot the video, e.g. Beta-SP, MiniDV etc.):

This must be a concise description of what viewers can actually see and/or what exactly you did. Please do not include your conceptual or aesthetic intentions and justifications. No more than 100 words in English.

Declaration: I agree to the terms published by the organisers of Video as Urban Condition and declare that the information provided is correct.
[Add your signature and the date to a hard copy of this form enclosed with your tape.]

Send to:

Video as Urban Condition
c/o Anthony Auerbach
22 Gerard Road
United Kingdom

There is no deadline.

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*Original work: We accept your submissions in good faith and will respect your rights in your own work. If you use other people's words, images or sounds in your work, please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions. The organisers of Video as Urban Condition do not accept responsibility for any questions of authorship or copyright resulting from the exhibition of the work you have submitted. We will remove any disputed works from the archive until you have settled the dispute. See point 5. of 'When you send us your tape ...'

**Documentation of multi-channel or outdoor video installations and actions should be concise and communicative (max. 5 mins).