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Video as Urban Condition: Video-pool
The Video-pool is a collection videos exploring the mutability of video as it shifts between fact and fiction, entertainment and persuasion, urban fantasy and reality-TV, art and activism, surveillance and control — tracing the web of interactions between of media and architecture, subject and commodity, identity and desire, the city and its phantasmagoria.

It consists of video works provided by video-makers and video compilations suggesting different interpretations of video as urban condition reflecting particular areas of interest, experience and expertise. The Video-pool compilations represent a variety of approaches and methods, forming a constellation of points of reference.

The archive is therefore an uneven terrain rather than an featureless list. Preserving the 'lumpiness' of the archive provides ways for users to navigate its contents, to be guided by different interests and desires.

The Video-pool is also an enviroment which makes the contents of the archive accessible, offering something to the 'flaneur/se' who prefers to walk by without getting too involved and to the visitor who would inhabit the archive and explore it. Users navigate with the familiar buttons: play, skip, rewind.
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We welcome individual submissions. See the submissions guide. All works of resonable quality demonstrating a clear relevance or response to the themes developed in the project are accepted. 'Reasonable quality' doesn't mean it has to be a cinematic masterpiece, broadcast quality or monumental art. Alongside artistic, activist and community videos, we encourage sketches, documents, unfinished works, reportage, home videos and things not suitable for presentation except in an archival context.

Better still, put together a compilation. See the compilations guide. The compilations give a structure to the archive and a context for the videos in it. The compilations help users navigate the archive in a meaningful way.

Online catalogue
The catalogue is online and will be brought up to date periodically, so please check later if you don't yet find your work listed. If you have uploaded your video to a video-sharing website, please send the link and it will be added to the catalogue.

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