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Video as ... Imagempensamento
Screening, Palácio das Artes, Belo Horizonte, 14 April 2007

Nine videos compiled with watching in mind by Anthony Auerbach as one in a series of screenings under the heading Imagempensamento. The themes of the videos: voyeurism, surveillance, TV imply a different set of practices and habits from that which is normally associated with the cinema. Anthony Auerbach made the point with an introductory video.
Imagempensamento in Portuguese

Works screened

Anthony Auerbach
Hello and welcome ... , 10:00, 2007
A brief introduction to the cinema in the medium of video. This short video prefaces the works to follow, contrasting the customs of the cinema with the practice of video. The works are drawn from the Video as Urban Condition Video-pool archive. Anthony Auerbach’s selection highlights the modalities of watching engendered by video: voyeurism, surveillance, television.
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Anthony Auerbach
Voyeur (Rio de Janeiro), 1:52, 2006
An exercise in the 'meta-praxis' of voyeurism: watching other people's televisions.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 125

D-Fuse: Axel Stockburger/Mike Faulkner
Brilliant City, 14:46, 2004
Brilliant City is the name of a recently completed middle class settlement comprised of twenty high-rises in the east of Shanghai, China. The video is entirely shot from the balcony of a flat on the 34th floor of one of the buildings and presents observations related to various activities that can be observed in this context: building, training of military recruits, school preparation, traffic, architectural elements as well as time lapse shots of the neighbouring block.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 059

Jo Nigoghossian
Spring/Summer, 4:17, 2002
Children come out to play in a recently-constructed low-income housing project in San Frascisco, California. The children were not aware of being observed by the video-maker.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 018

Gabriel Sanna
Sorria, 6:22, 2005
A discussion about who is allowed to record a video of whom in a market place in Belo Horizonte.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 126

Hasmik Avagyan and Marine Ayvazyan
Traffic Interrelations, 8:40, 2006
Two women ride on a minibus, a privately run but publicly regulated form of mass transportation in the city of Yerevan, Armenia. One has the camera, the other is looking for attention. The work was realised during the workshop Zone of Risk in the frame of Changes Through Exchanges experimental educational project, Armenian Open University.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 127

Radana Valúchová (aka Lssie Vegas)
Radana’s Channel, 6:24, 2004
This is a movie that nearly everyone has made, but hardly anyone has ever watched (again).
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 128

Undercurrents News Network
Bournemouth Monster, 3:00, 2003
Britain has the highest density of CCTV cameras in the world. Used by private and public security agencies as well as many individual and corporate property owners, the legal regulation of video surveillance lagged behind its proliferation and its benefits are not proven. The police start seeing aliens wandering the streets of Bournemouth.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 040

Carlo Sansolo
Surveillance and Punishment, 4:00, 2003
Two teenagers kissing in the grounds of a school in a location where it is difficult to be observed by the authorities. Observed by the video-maker from his window, they collide with an artist’s ramblings and threatening messages.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 062

Anca Daucikova
Wie Geht es Ihnen? (How are you?), 7:40, 2004
The woman whose identity is masked by the video-maker appears to wear an identity card around her neck while she solicits something from tourists and passers-by in the historic centre of Vienna, Austria.
Video as Urban Condition video-pool cat. 121

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