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Video-pool compilations
Diana Baldon
Dezentrale Medien
Emma Hedditch
Martijn Hendriks
Edina Husanovic
Juha Huuskonen
Klub Zwei
Graziela Kunsch
Manu Luksch
Anna McCarthy
Alona Pardo
Rosa Reitsamer
Axel Stockburger
Nicole Wolf


Video as Urban Condition: Video-pool compilations

The compilations are essential to the structure of the Video-pool Archive and how it communicates. Because each video in the archive has a 'home' in a compilation it will be seen in a context and it will help form the context for other videos in the compilation. Moreover the identity of the compilations will offer points of contact with users and help them navigate the archive. Hence the idea of a constellation.

If you are preparing a compilation for the archive you will have already discussed it with Anthony Auerbach. This page is for reference. If you would like to suggest a new compilation, please contact Anthony Auerbach.

Your compilation represents an interpretation of the proposition 'video as urban condition' informed by your experience, knowledge and practice. The interests expressed in the compilation may relate to your own video-works or intellectual concerns; the compilation may represent an interest in a particular city or region or a particular historical period. The 'urban condition' does not only mean the built environment and circulation (although these are prominent in experience and in images). It includes social and political conditions, questions of identity and subjectivity. 'Video as urban condition' is about how urban relations are mediated by video.

If you are not sure whether to include something in your compilation, try to think about it from the point of view of the visitor to the archive. How would this video help communicate the main interest expressed in the compilation? How would the compilation help this video communcate itself?

The compilation can contain any number of videos. You can specify a running order if you want.

You will need to provide the following:

  1. Master copies of the videos you want in your compilation. Mini-DV is the preferred format because normally it would be the best quality and the most reliable data source. DVD video is also acceptable but the video data on DVDs is aleady compressed with loss of quality and home-made DVDs are often unreliable. There's no point copying a DVD to Mini-DV if the DVD is the best available source. PAL is preferred, if possible.
  2. Documentation of the videos in your compilation. The basic catalogue data needed are set out in the submissions guide. This page also contains the basic agreement with the contributors concerning the use of their videos. Please make sure that all contributors to your compilation understand this and agree to it. Please make sure you include valid e-mail contacts for all contributors so they can be informed of future presentations of the archive etc.
  3. A short text introducing your compilation with some commentary on the videos. If you write in another language, please also provide an English translation. You may wish to provide a summary in English of videos which have texts in other languages.
  4. A paragraph about you for the people section of the website.

People: more about the Video-pool contributors