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Public space ...
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Lentos Discussion

Linz Summaries
During the exhibition hosted by the Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz Austria in 2007, Anthony Auerbach and Thomas Edlinger organised a series of discussions, highlighting aspects of Video as Urban Condition. The discussions were cross-disciplinary, informal and lively. They might have raised more questions than they answered, but, understood in the context of the video material presented in the Video-pool archive, the discussions showed how video and its myriad uses issue a serious challenge to traditional theoretical constuctions of subjectivity, the public sphere, mass-media and artistic production. Moreover, they suggested how thinking through video offers a way of analysing contemporary urban conditions.

Instead of publishing full transcripts of the discussions, we would like to present brief summaries. We hope these will give you a picture of the events and stimulate further discussion.

The discussions were mainly in German. The summaries were written by Thomas Edlinger and have been translated into English by Selene States and Aileen Derieg. Please follow the links below. See people for information about the participants.

Thanks again to Stella Rollig and all at Lentos for hosting the events.

Thursday 19 April 2007
I See You: You See Me
Öffentlicher Raum und persönliche Medienpolitik
Public space and personal media politics
with Thomas Lehner, Dorit Margreiter, Barbara Musil, Georg Ritter, Gunda Wiesner
Deutsch | English

Thursday 26 April 2007
This is a Simulation
Stadtmodelle, Wunschbilder und Spielräume
Model cities, wish images and playgrounds

with Sabine Bitter, Helge Mooshammer, Sasha Pirker, Axel Stockburger, Helmut Weber
Deutsch | English

Thursday 10 May 2007
Closed Circuits
Voyeurismus, (Selbst-)Kontrolle und Fernsehen
Voyeurism, (self-)control and TV
with Thomas Edlinger, Adrian Dabrowski, Anca Daucikova, Ramón Reichert
Deutsch | English

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